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What are the different types of flooring?

Choosing the right flooring material can be overwhelming. It is one of those challenging tasks when getting the interior of your house designed and upgraded. Flooring is the essential foundation of house on which the remaining elements of house are based. This is why we have multitude of options available in the market to choose from.

Given the countless types available, it becomes daunting to make the right selection. Even though one may have a specific preference, it is a difficult decision to make. Nevertheless, here are some different types of flooring listed and you can refer also for more details:

1. Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is popular in the market for its beauty, elegance and durability. It is a timeless option that can be installed in any room of the house. However, it is not recommended for laundries and bathrooms. This type of flooring offers durable performance which makes it a worthy option. Within this category, there are other classifications as well. However, all of them tend to be highly durable that can resist scratches in the most effective manner.

2. Vinyl flooring

These are also termed as the vinyl tiles that come in stone and wood. It is essentially designed to resist everyday wear and tear and moisture. This can be an ideal option in active homes. These tiles can be installed anywhere in the home. It is one of the options that are easier to maintain and clean. The tiles don’t lose it charm, integrity and visual appeal if exposed to water.

3. Engineered tile flooring

This tends to be the perfect alternative to ceramic and natural stone tile. Major portion of this tile is limestone. These tiles can be installed in any area of your house, however, it is specifically designed for high moisture areas such as bathroom and kitchen. These are built in a way to handle spills, dirt and basically high traffic. Even though it may be contemplated, but engineered tile flooring is not vulnerable to cracks.

4. Laminate flooring

If you are on low on budget and at the same time want a great and exotic look, then laminate flooring is the right flooring for you. It can installed in everywhere including kitchens, bedroom, family rooms and dining room. It is designed to withstand the regular wear and tear. The durability of this type is exceptional. Due to its complete nature, it is also used in commercial spaces. In a nutshell, it is an ideal selection to make if you want a complete package.

5. Stone flooring

This is slowly growing in popularity due to the appealing look it provides. There is a multitude of stones available in the market. Natural stone tiles like clay, limestone, granite, slate and pebble are readily accessible in the market. These are normally durable in nature which enhances the overall interior of the house. They also tend to withstand extreme temperatures which make it suitable for installments near fireplaces. Consider it as one your preferred options when selecting the right flooring.